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Secrets (2019)

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Everything changes when Kyle Parker meets a mysterious dark stranger. Leading him to face his suppressed memories, and fall in love with someone unexpected.

1906 (2019)

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The story of the idealist-minded teacher and poet Violet and social democrat militant Gray, whose fate interlace into dramatic 1905 revolution ending.

Rocky (2019)

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To the unknown god (2019)

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To the unknown god

Total Retribution (2019)

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Helen is an android who wakes up on a space station, within view of Earth. Around her, a battle rages. Her memory is gone. Her identity is gone. Who is she? What is her mission? Most urgent of all, which side is she on?

Ye Saccha Swabhimaan Sahi Sangharsh (2019)

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Ramakant a righteous man takes a stand against a politician, a feared goon. Father-son duo defeat the ill-practices.

TZW1 El Paso Outpost (2019)

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TZW1 El Paso Outpost

A Name Without a Place (2019)

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A young man travels to Miami Beach and meets interesting characters along the way.

El proyeccionista (2019)

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A lonely man who operates a film projector finds his only solace in a woman he sees on a film reel. After the reel is lost in an accident, he sets out to find the woman through the remotest, poorest places of the Dominican Republic.

Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration (2019)

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Nobita saw a moon turned yellow last night and told his class about it but they think it's funny. Doraemon gives him the "History Explorers Club Badge" and discovers there's life on the moon. Until a new student changed him forever.

Swabhimaan (2019)

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The Assassination of G (2019)

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The Assassination of G

Yeh suhaag raat impossible (2019)

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Yeh suhaag raat impossible

Sara e Marti (2019)

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Sara e Marti

The Rise of Kibwetere (2019)

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the rise of kibwetere is a movie about a journalist who went to a village called kanungu in western uganda. and found an old man who started lake demon, that she always worship on the ...

Chi Muoi Ba: Phan Ket Thap Tam Muoi (2019)

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Chi Muoi Ba: Phan Ket Thap Tam Muoi

Dagli Occhi dell'Amore (2019)

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Dagli Occhi dell'Amore

C'è Tempo (2019)

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C'è Tempo

Like Clockwork (2019)

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Like Clockwork

One Against the House (2019)

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When Bruce reluctantly follows his pal Oswald to the horse races and gets a taste of success, he quickly gets bitten by the gambling bug. But later that night at a poker game with some ...

Mehed (2019)

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Onirica (2019)

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Ninnu Thalachi (2019)

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Ninnu Thalachi

Makuko (2019)

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Satoshi is only in the fifth grade at elementary school. He is unhappy with his father, his perfidy and the company he keeps. Enter transfer student Kozue who is different and exciting. She...